Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Aldi: Vegan and Organic Wine Category is Up for Grabs

Source: The Drinks Business

Growing interest in ‘good-for-you, good-for-the-environment’ wines including organic and vegan wines, is creating an exciting opportunity for wine retailers to open up the category, according to Aldi buyer Mike James.

Speaking to the drinks business at last week’s tasting, James told db that the growth of organic, vegan, no sulphur-added, low alcohol wines and wines in different formats, meant that the customer “norm and the go-tos” were no longer the same, creating a great opportunity for retailers to explore.

“Whether its organic or vegan wines, suddenly everything is up for grabs,” he told db. “It is really exciting for a supermarket to be able to realise – there are some pockets that are relatively important from a volume growth point-of- view, if you get it right, you can tap into that and kind of own it.”

“On their own are quite small areas, but collectively you’re talking about a significant, and in very, very strong growth,” he noted.

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